P.S. I Still Love You

An Obey Me! CYOA fic by bbnibini

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There in your locker lies a letter, written were the words “With Love, From Your Secret Admirer” on its envelope. But who could this mysterious secret admirer be? Is it the strict yet dependable eldest brother, Lucifer? The outspoken and affectionate Avatar of Greed: Mammon? The loyal and gentle butler Barbatos? Or is it the calm yet thoughtful bibliophile Satan? Perhaps it’s…

The ending depends on you! Follow this choose your own adventure-styled narrative to lead you to the answers and along the way, love as well?!


  • Everyone’s Common Routes > Mammon > Satan > Barbatos > Lucifer >True Ending


  • Mammon’s Good Ending Route/Ending Route A > Mammon’s Normal Ending Route/ Good Ending Route B

  • Satan’s Normal Ending Route/Ending Route B > Satan’s Good Ending Route/Ending Route A

  • Barbatos' Minor Bad Endings > Overflowed Ending Route A > Good Ending > Overflowed Ending Route B > Normal Ending > Overflowed Ending Route C

  • Lucifer WIP

  • True Ending

Mania > Storge > Eros > Agape




The outspoken and affectionate second-born. You have noticed that he was acting rather strangely since the day before you discovered the love letter and gifts in your locker. Could this strangeness possibly mean that he is your secret admirer?


The calm and thoughtful bibliophile fourth-born. His glib tongue and extensive vocabulary honed by his many readings were similar to the tone and wordings of your love letter. Could this possibly mean that he is the sender?


The loyal and gentle butler of Prince Diavolo. Devoted to his job, he always carries an air of grace and elegance. One day, you found yourself being swept away in his unexpected confession. Are his honeyed words also the same passionate declarations in your secret admirer’s love letter?


Your abrupt forgiveness of his wrongdoings caused him immense guilt, which amplified only the more once he found at that you didn't tell him a secret that most of his brothers knew. This made him think that you didn't trust him entirely, and you only refuse to admit it to spare his feelings. After reassuring him and making it up with him, he confesses to you that you had made him feel...strange lately. He knew he had done some unforgivable things to you---things that he couldn't seem to forgive himself of doing and it continues to haunt him. So much to the point that he is aware he has feelings for you but because of what he's done and your prior reactions to him, he feels like he doesn't deserve to ever say them out loud. Could this be enough of a precursor for him to write you the love letter you found on your locker?


The strict yet dependable firstborn. He is a man of many secrets. Could one of the many secrets he harbours be his feelings for you?

Sections Unlocked

  • Common Route (Finished)

  • KEY feature (6 out of 10) ~real name: HIDDEN~



  • Mammon 100% complete

  • Satan 100% complete

  • Barbatos (ongoing) 0% complete

  • Lucifer (ongoing) 0% complete

  • ??? (ongoing) UNKNOWN

Special Endings

  • Leviathan ---> Friendship Ending A out of B

  • Simeon ---> Friendship Ending B out of B

  • True Ending (Must complete key fragments and reveal its true name)

Latest Chapter

Satan's Route ---> Epilogue (Chapter 68: The Man of Gold and Silver)